COVID Vaccines: Myths and Facts

June | 2021

Corona vaccines are safe. The most effective COVID-19 vaccine is the first one available to you. Vaccination experts at House of Doctors advise not to choose or wait for a specific brand. All COVID-19 vaccines currently available and authorized in India are equally safe, effective and reduce the risk of coronavirus infection. It is advisable to contact the House of Doctors and clarify all your doubts regarding the vaccine and its dos and don'ts with our expert doctors. House of Doctors aims to provide you with the latest COVID-19 vaccine updates.

TYPES COVID-19 Vaccines in India

A range of COVID-19 vaccines are available in India. According to our medical professionals, you can get any of the vaccines as all of them come with the same advantages and efficacy rate.


  • Modified chimpanzee adenovirus vector vaccine
  • Two doses 8-12 weeks apart
  • Developed by University of Oxford and AstraZeneca in partnership with Serum Institute of India
  • Administered as intramuscular injection


  • Inactivated whole virus vaccine
  • Two doses 4-6 weeks apart
  • Developed by Bharatbiotech, ICMR an NIV
  • Administered as intramuscular injection


  • Adenovirus i.e non-replicating viral vector vaccine
  • Developed by Gamaleya Research Institute
  • Two doses
  • Administered as intramuscular injection

4. ZyCoV-D

  • Plasmid DNA vaccine
  • Developed b Zydus Cadila
  • Administered through intradermal route

5. Biological E

  • Subunit vaccine
  • Developed by biological E
  • Administered as intramuscular injection

6. Mynvax

  • Protein based vaccine
  • Developed by Mynvax-IISc

7. HGCO19 – Gennova Biopharmaceuticals

  • m-RNA vaccine
  • Developed by Biopharmaceuticals
  • Trials in progress

COVID-19 Vaccine Benefits

Accomplished doctors at HOD provide you with best COVID-19 vaccine advice. Our medical professionals explain why getting a vaccine on time could bring along many benefits. Getting vaccinated not only prevents you from getting infected but also builds your immunity against the coronavirus. According to our experts, COVID-19 vaccination has the following benefits-

  • Reduced risk of coronavirus infection
  • 80% protection from coronavirus
  • Prevents the development of severe symptoms
  • Enhanced immunity
  • Prevents the spread of coronavirus and breaks the chain

COVID-19 Vaccines: Myths vs Facts

As few people might be unsure and uncertain about getting vaccinated, leading vaccine experts at House of Doctors clarify the facts and eliminate all the myths related to COVID-19 vaccines.

Myth 1: COVID-19 vaccines are unsafe

Fact by HOD: COVID-19 vaccines have been approved by WHO, USFDA, IMR and can protect you against coronavirus.

Myth 2: COVID-19 vaccines can spread coronavirus

Fact by HOD: COVID-19 vaccines cannot spread coronavirus. They contain dead or inactivated DNA, m-RNA or viral vectors which cannot cause infection.

Myth 3: Corona recovered patients don’t need to be vaccinated

Fact by HOD: Even though COVID recovered patients have antibodies, they still require vaccination as these antibodies are not enough to protect them from subsequent infections.

Myth 4: COVID-19 vaccines can cause death

Fact by HOD: No, deaths due to vaccinations have been the result of existing comorbidities and not due to the vaccine itself.

Myth 5: No need of wearing a mask after vaccination

Fact by HOD: It is advisable to wear a mask at all public places and crowded areas even if you are vaccinated. This will provide additional protection.

Myth 6: COVID-19 vaccine can lead to a change in DNA

Fact by HOD: COVID-19 vaccines never alter DNA.

Myth 7: People with underlying conditions cannot take the vaccine

Fact by HOD: This applies only in certain conditions like allergic reactions. Consult one of our physicians prior to taking the vaccine.

Myth 8: Pregnant and menstruating women cannot take COVID-19 vaccine.

Fact by HOD: Vaccine can be taken by pregnant and menstruating women.

Myth 9: COVID-19 vaccines have severe side effects

Fact by HOD: Side effects are only mild including pain at the site of injection, weakness and nausea. However, having these side effects is completely normal.

Myth 10: COVID-19 vaccines are useless against the new strains of coronavirus

Fact by HOD: It's true that new strains have new spike proteins and the vaccines have not been designed to fight against every strain. But, still these vaccines have a great level of protection against the new strains as well.

Myth 3: People with comorbidities cannot take the vaccine

Fact by HOD: People with comorbidities should get vaccinated at the earliest as they are at a higher risk of getting infected. However, such people should consult and inform a reliable healthcare partner like House of Doctors prior to getting vaccinated.

Looking for a corona-free surgical hospital? House of Doctors is the place for you !

Finding a non-COVID multispeciality hospital with a 100% safe surgical environment can be tough during a pandemic. But not with House of Doctors! Our partner surgical centres are non-COVID hospitals which follow every single COVID-19 guideline. Team at HOD is dedicated to provide you with completely safe, hygienic and coronavirus-free hospitals. We ensure that you’re not exposed to COVID-19 by taking the following measures-

  • Thermal screening at all hospitals
  • Frequent sanitization of all the centres throughout the day
  • Use of PPE kits by all our doctors and medical staff
  • Completely sterilized surgical instruments and machines
  • Maintenance of social distancing norms at all hospitals

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