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What is Pilonidal Sinus?

Pilonidal sinus, deriving its name from "pilo" meaning hair and "nidus" meaning nest, refers to a minor hole or tunnel in the skin, typically found in the cleft of the buttocks. While it may initially go unnoticed without causing symptoms, if infected, can cause abscess and can necessitate pilonidal sinus surgery by a sinus specialist, particularly if provided by a renowned institution such as the House of Doctors in Mumbai.

The approach to pilonidal sinus treatment in Mumbai, as offered by experienced sinus specialists in Mumbai, often hinges upon the size of the sinus and its recurrence rate. Due to the accumulation of dirt and debris within the sinus, there's a propensity for the skin to become inflamed, leading to the formation of blood-filled and foul-smelling pus. This underscores the importance of seeking timely medical attention and considering options like pilonidal sinus surgery in Mumbai to address the condition effectively.

Check if you have an infected pilonidal sinus

Most people with a pilonidal sinus do not notice it unless it becomes infected and causes symptoms.
An infection will cause pain and swelling, and a pus-filled abscess can develop.
Causes of Pilonidal Sinus


Friction caused by clothes can force the hair on the buttocks to burrow back under the skin leading to pilonidal sinus disease. Nevertheless, there are several other factors contributing to the disease which can further create multiple sinuses connected under the skin.

Skin diseases
Hair between the buttocks pushed inwards due to friction
Too much hair in the portion
Sitting for long periods

It's important to note that while these factors are associated with the development of pilonidal sinus, not everyone with these risk factors will develop the condition. Additionally, the exact cause may vary from person to person, and in many cases, it may not be possible to determine a single cause.

For individuals who do develop pilonidal sinus and require treatment, various options are available, including pilonidal sinus laser surgery in Mumbai. This advanced surgical technique utilizes laser technology to precisely remove the affected tissue, promoting faster healing and reducing the risk of recurrence.

Symptoms if you have pilonidal sinus:
Both swelling and pain
Abscess filled with pus
Bleeding and discharge


There are several pilonidal sinus treatment in Mumbai available at the House of Doctors.
Listed below are the best treatment for pilonidal surgery performed by our specialists:


Surgery is the only treatment for pilonidal sinus, conservative treatment gives temporary relief. If there are no signs or symptoms found after diagnosis all incluive antibiotics will be prescribed to kill the chain of bacteria. But surgery is important as early as possible once the diagnosis is made.

Bestowing maximum relief from the discomfort caused due to the infection level, our PNS specialist will also guide you on how to maintain hygiene and a frequent follow-up to evaluate the condition.


In this form of pilonidal sinus surgery, our professional surgeons at the House of Doctors may use a scalpel to open the sinus filled with pus, hair and blood from the abscess.

With the help of local anaesthesia, we will dress the wound from inside out as a holistic treatment experience. Stay at the hospital may differ on person to person depending on the basis of recovery. Later, you can resume basic activities as per our specialist’s advice.


A pilonidal sinus surgery in Mumbai at the House of Doctors will be immediately recommended by us if you are diagnosed with multiple sinus tracts or in the case of reoccurring pilonidal sinus.

Our doctors may begin removing all the pus and debris by opening the lesion. The PNS specialists present during the surgery will stitch back the wound to close it. The whole surgery will be performed by providing you with local anaesthesia. It will be advisable to often shave the site for preventing hair growth into the wound by our experienced team who will look after the entire procedure and guide you from pre-operation till post-operation until recovery.

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Washing the area regularly with a mild soap or cleanser may prevent the recurrence of pilonidal sinus. Rinsing the soap thoroughly and frying out the area entirely will prevent the upheaval of the disease. Also, avoiding sitting for too long can be really helpful. Diet after pilonidal sinus surgery should be full of fibre, protein and other nutrients, as it promotes skin renewal and easy bowel movements.

Why Choose House Of Doctors As The Best Pilonidal Sinus Hospital In Mumbai

    When it comes to seeking treatment for pilonidal sinus in Mumbai, House of Doctors stands out as the premier choice for patients seeking top-notch medical care and expertise. Renowned for its excellence in pilonidal sinus treatment in Mumbai, House of Doctors offers unparalleled services tailored to the needs of each individual.

    At House of Doctors, patients benefit from state-of-the-art facilities and a team of highly skilled medical professionals dedicated to providing exceptional care. Led by experienced sinus specialists in Mumbai, the hospital offers comprehensive treatment options, including both conservative management and advanced surgical techniques.

    For those requiring pilonidal sinus surgery in Mumbai, House of Doctors boasts a track record of success, utilizing the latest surgical innovations and minimally invasive approaches to ensure optimal outcomes and faster recovery times.

    What sets House of Doctors apart is its commitment to personalized care and patient-centric approach. From initial consultation to post-operative care, patients receive compassionate support every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and comfortable treatment journey.

    Whether you're seeking treatment for a recurring pilonidal sinus or looking for a sinus specialist in Mumbai to address your specific needs, House of Doctors is the trusted choice for unmatched expertise and exceptional care. Choose House of Doctors for the best pilonidal sinus treatment in Mumbai and experience the difference firsthand.

Pilonidal Sinus Surgery Cost In Mumbai

When considering pilonidal sinus surgery in Mumbai, understanding the associated costs is an essential aspect of planning for your treatment. While we won't provide specific cost figures here, it's crucial to recognize that the cost of pilonidal sinus surgery in Mumbai can vary depending on several factors.

Factors influencing pilonidal sinus surgery cost in Mumbai include the hospital or clinic where the procedure is performed, the expertise of the surgeon, the complexity of the surgery required, and any additional services or amenities included in the treatment package.

While cost is an important consideration, it's equally vital to prioritize the quality and safety of the surgical procedure. Opting for a reputable healthcare provider with experienced sinus specialists in Mumbai ensures that you receive optimal care and achieve the best possible outcomes.

Before undergoing pilonidal sinus operation, patients are encouraged to schedule consultations with healthcare providers to discuss treatment options, associated costs, and any available financial assistance or payment plans. This allows patients to make informed decisions about their healthcare while considering their budgetary constraints.

While pilonidal sinus surgery cost in Mumbai is a significant consideration, it's essential to prioritize the expertise and reputation of the healthcare provider to ensure a successful outcome. By choosing a trusted hospital or clinic with experienced sinus specialists, patients can rest assured that their health and well-being are in capable hands.

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BENEFITS OF Laser Surgery over Conventional surgery?

Advance Laser Surgery
  • No cuts & No stitches
  • Does not occur once more
  • 30-40 Min Procedure
  • Relief from extreme Pain whereas sitting
  • Get eliminate foul smell and accumulated discharge
  • Cure for blood or pus discharge from the orifice
Conventional Surgery
  • Open Surgery with multiple Cuts & Wounds
  • Painful Procedure
  • Heavy Blood Loss
  • High Chances of Recurrence
  • High Possibility of Infection
  • Min. 3 Days of Hospital Stay
  • Repeated Doctor visit required
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Best Sinus Doctor In Mumbai

When it comes to seeking treatment for pilonidal sinus or any sinus-related concerns in Mumbai, finding the right doctor is paramount to ensuring optimal outcomes. Among the myriad of healthcare professionals in the city, identifying the best sinus doctor can be a daunting task. However, with the right approach, patients can find a sinus specialist in Mumbai who meets their unique needs.

The search for the best sinus doctor in Mumbai begins with thorough research and consideration of several key factors. Look for a physician who specializes in treating sinus conditions, including pilonidal sinus, and possesses a wealth of experience in the field. Additionally, seek out doctors who are renowned for their expertise, professionalism, and compassionate patient care.

One such esteemed sinus specialist in Mumbai is Dr. [Name], recognized for their exemplary track record in diagnosing and treating various sinus ailments, including pilonidal sinus. With a commitment to staying abreast of the latest advancements in sinus care and employing cutting-edge treatment modalities, Dr. [Name] stands out as a trusted healthcare provider dedicated to improving patients' quality of life.

Patients seeking the best sinus doctor in Mumbai can rely on Dr. [Name]'s comprehensive approach to care, which emphasizes personalized treatment plans tailored to each individual's unique needs and preferences. From accurate diagnosis to effective intervention, Dr. [Name] prioritizes patient comfort and satisfaction, ensuring a positive treatment experience from start to finish.

Whether you're dealing with pilonidal sinus or other sinus-related issues, entrust your health to the expertise of Dr. [Name] and experience the difference firsthand. With a commitment to clinical excellence and patient-centered care, Dr. [Name] emerges as the premier choice for individuals seeking superior sinus care in Mumbai.

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Why does one get pilonidal sinus?

Pilonidal sinus (PNS) occurs due to friction or sometimes the pressure on the tailbone area that causes the pores to stretch while sitting. However, this can be treated by our specialist doctors via painless surgeries or antibiotics depending on your level of infection. We at the House of Doctors offer the best in-house treatment and cure the disease with no recurrence case of pilonidal sinus (PNS) at all. As there are various pilonidal sinus surgery types, our surgeons may discuss the condition, procedure and the pilonidal sinus surgery cost with 100% transparency ensuring effectiveness in the treatment as well as the cost applied.

Is pilonidal sinus hereditary?

As per our expertise and experience in treating pilonidal sinus, in most cases, pilonidal sinus comes out as hereditary. We’ve had multiple patients over the years who come from a line of generation having pilonidal sinus disease (PNS). This often happens due to the shape of buttocks or natal cleft, hair type and pores that are inherited with every passing individual.

Does excessive weight lead to a pilonidal sinus disease?

Yes. Pilonidal sinus disease can be caused due to excessive weight too. The reason behind it is the depth that increases in the natal cleft while an individual puts on the weight. This doesn’t only increase the moisture level in the cleft but also collects a certain amount of debris. Moreover, prolonged sitting or standing decreases the oxygen level and multiply bacteria affecting the disease for the worst.

Hence, our PNS specialists and team of surgeons from House of Doctors suggests to maintain weight with a good and healthy diet ensuring no risk of pilonidal sinus disease.

What does the abscess feel like?

A lump in the tailbone area may grow and hurt while sitting or standing for too long. Though the size of the lump may vary, in certain cases there will be no presence of abscess and just the discharge from hidden sinuses situated in the skin deeply. But don’t worry as this infection is guaranteed curable at the House of Doctors with our ace and efficient doctors and surgeons. All your doubts will be cleared in just one consultation. You will be instructed about the entire procedure and it’s minutest of details beginning with medication to ending with post-operation and follow-ups.

You’ll not only sign up for the best treatment available but also the 360-degree service that will come along seeming as home-care all time till you stay back.

What are ways to recognize the infection?

Pilonidal sinus may cause extreme swelling and inflammation each time while sitting, standing or lying down completely. Also, you may notice a discharge from the cleft that carries blood, white or brownish coloured puss with a foul smell.

Thus, if any of these are true, immediate consultation and best treatment for pilonidal sinus is a combination that you will only find at the House of Doctors. With proficient doctors and profound procedures, we will not only eradicate the infection but also let you witness the hospitality by our staffs, surgeons and securities in our surrounding with 360-degree holistic services at each step.

With immediate bed availability to experienced expert assistance, we will give you all under one roof of the House of Doctors.

What tests does one have to undergo to diagnose pilonidal sinus disease?

Pilonidal generally consist of a physical lump that is visible but to analyse the condition even well, a high-resolution MRI may be suggested by our doctors to evaluate the density of sinus present in the skin. Furthermore, Ultrasounds may also be recommended to look closely into the infection. So, House of Doctors PNS specialist draw a conclusion to guide you toward the further step.

Nevertheless, if you’re diagnosed with PNS, make sure to follow the pre-operative and post-operative instructions by our PNS specialist surgeon team for long-term results and get the best pilonidal sinus laser surgery in Mumbai at the House of Doctors.

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