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Proctological issues encompass five prevalent diseases: Piles, Fissure, Fistula, Pilonidal Sinus, and Perianal Abscess. These ailments are frequently encountered by individuals dealing with stress and obesity. The diagnosis and treatment of these conditions, often requiring surgery, are essential. At House Of Doctors, recognized as the best proctology center in Mumbai, our award-winning team of surgeons specializes in treating Piles, Fissure, Fistula, and Pilonidal Sinus. With our experienced proctologists in Mumbai, we aim to ease the surgical process, allowing you to concentrate on your recovery while we handle the rest.

At House Of Doctors, our Highly experienced, award winning team of surgeons are experts in treating and performing surgeries of all the Proctological conditions like Piles, Fissure, Fistula & Pilonidal Sinus. We understand the surgery can be difficult, we want you to focus on your own recovery while we worry about the rest.


Proctology Diseases


Instances of Piles or hemorrhoids (Bawasir in Hindi) are commonly seen in India nowadays. The probability of women suffering is more than men. Also, it is common in people who indulge in poor diet, lifestyle and washroom habits.

Piles (haemorrhoids) are lumps/swelling inside and around your bottom (anus). Haemorrhoids are usually caused by straining during bowel movements, obesity or pregnancy. Nearly three out of four adults will have haemorrhoids from time to time.

In India, Piles are found more common among adults due to poor or irregular eating habits, poor hygiene, lack of exercise.

People often get confused with anal complaints such as fissure, piles, fistula or other rectal problems. Therefore, a proper examination and diagnosis is important.Piles are not cancerous nor are they dangerous. But they are capable enough to hinder your daily routine and normal work life. They are swollen and enlarged blood vessels in or around the anus. Most patients suffer silently due to the embarrassment and shyness that they have to explain to the doctor. Such piles patients continuously bear the pain and do not complain till the condition becomes unbearable. In the end, surgery remains the only solution to the problem.

What causes piles?

Piles are swollen blood vessels. It's not clear what causes them.Things that make piles more likely:

  • Constipation
  • Pushing too hard when pooping
  • Pregnancy
  • Heavy weight lifting

Symptoms of Piles:

  • Bleeding after passing motion
  • An itchy anus
  • Feeling like you still need to poop after going to the toilet
  • Slimy mucus in your underwear or on toilet paper after wiping your bottom
  • Lumps around your anus
  • Pain around your anus


An anal fissure is a cut /tear or open sore (ulcer) that develops in the lining anal tube, near the anus. While passing hard stool it causes extreme pain, burning sensation and bleeding. Though not fatal, ignoring the condition may lead to other infections as it is an open wound.

What causes anal fissures?

Anal fissures are most commonly caused by damage to the lining of the anus or anal canal, the last part of the large intestine.

Most cases occur in people who have constipation, when a particularly hard or large poop tears the lining of the anal canal.

Other possible causes of anal fissures include:

  • Persistent diarrhoea
  • Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), such as Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis
  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Occasionally, a sexually transmitted infection (STI), such as syphilis or herpes, which can infect and damage the anal canal
  • Having unusually tight anal sphincter muscles, which can increase the tension in your anal canal, making it more susceptible to tearing
  • In many cases, no clear cause can be identified.

Fissure symptoms

  • A sharp pain when you poop, often followed by a deep burning pain that may last several hours
  • Bleeding when you poop - most people notice a small amount of bright red blood either in their poo or on the toilet paper


An anal fistula is a small tunnel that develops between the end of the bowel and the skin near the anus (where poop leaves the body). An anal fistula is a canal like structure that with opening on both inside the body and outside near anus with a collection pus.

They're usually the result of an infection near the anus causing a collection of pus (abscess) in the nearby tissue. When the pus drains away, it can leave a small channel behind. Anal fistulas can cause unpleasant symptoms, such as discomfort and skin irritation, and will not usually get better on their own. Surgery is recommended in most cases.

Symptoms of an Fistula

  • Skin irritation around the anus
  • A constant, throbbing pain that may be worse when you sit down, move around, poo or cough
  • Smelly discharge from near your anus
  • Passing pus or blood when you poo
  • Swelling and redness around your anus and a high temperature (fevDer) if you also have an abscess
  • difficulty controlling bowel movements (bowel incontinence) in some cases

The end of the fistula might be visible as a hole in the skin near your anus, although this may be difficult for you to see yourself.

Causes of Fistulas

Most anal fistulas develop after an anal abscess. You can get one if the abscess does not heal properly after the pus has drained away.

Less common causes of anal fistulas include:

  • Crohn's disease - a long-term condition in which the digestive system becomes inflamed
  • Diverticulitis - infection of the small pouches that can stick out of the side of the large intestine (colon)
  • Hidradenitis suppurativa - a long-term skin condition that causes abscesses and scarring
  • Infection with tuberculosis (TB) or HIV
  • A complication of surgery near the anus

Pilonidal Sinus

A pilonidal sinus is a small hole or tunnel in the skin at the top of the buttocks, where they divide (the cleft). It does not always cause symptoms and only needs to be treated if it becomes infected.

Check if you have an infected pilonidal sinus

  • Most people with a pilonidal sinus do not notice it unless it becomes infected and causes symptoms.
  • An infection will cause pain and swelling, and a pus-filled abscess can develop.

Treatment for an infected pilonidal sinus will depend on:

  • Your symptoms
  • The size of the sinus
  • Whether it's your first sinus or it keeps coming back

A pilonidal sinus abscess will need treatment with antibiotics. The pus inside will also probably need to be drained. There are a number of treatment options for a pilonidal sinus but it won't stop it from coming back and that's painful, bleeding, or leaking discharge. In most cases, you'll be offered painkillers, such as paracetamol and anti-inflammatories to help reduce pain and swelling. Surgery is the only treatment for pilonidal sinus. Your doctor will discuss these with you.

Causes of Pilonidal Sinus

  • It's not clear what causes a pilonidal sinus.
  • A skin problem, pressure or friction may cause hair between the buttocks to be pushed inwards.
  • This may either be hair growing around the buttock area, or loose hair shed from the buttocks or elsewhere that gathers around the buttock cleft and enters the pilonidal sinus.
  • Pilonidal sinuses are more common in men because they tend to be hairier.
  • Sitting for long periods can also increase your chances of getting a pilonidal sinus.

Painless Laser Proctology Treatment in Mumbai

    Proctology is all about dealing with problems related to the bottom area—like the anus, rectum, and colon. Sitting a lot for work (which many of us do for 8-10 hours a day) can cause issues there. If you notice things like itching, a burning feeling, bleeding, or pain in that area, it's a sign to see a proctologist, who is a doctor specializing in these matters.

    In a big city like Mumbai, finding the best proctologist can be tricky, but it's essential for your health. Proctology treatments for things like Piles, Fistula, Fissure, and Pilonidal Sinus in Mumbai have some good points. These treatments are usually pain-free and not too invasive, often done in about an hour, and you can go home the same day. Recovery is quick too, letting you get back to your daily routine soon. For the best care, look for the best proctology center in Mumbai and a top-rated proctologist.

What to Expect With Laser Proctology Surgeries

  • Before your surgery:- At the best proctology center in Mumbai, the doctor or surgeon will provide detailed information about the procedure and discuss what you can anticipate post-surgery. The expert medical team at this renowned center will offer specific instructions on pre-surgery do's and don'ts, and they might conduct some essential tests beforehand to ensure comprehensive care and a successful outcome.
  • During Surgery:- When undergoing surgery with the best proctologist in Mumbai, a collaborative team of skilled proctologist doctors, including anesthetists and support staff, will assist the surgeon. The procedure is conducted under local anesthesia, and the duration varies based on the specific condition, spanning from a few minutes to an hour. This approach ensures that you receive top-notch care from the leading proctologist in Mumbai.
  • After Surgery:- After laser proctology surgery, most people go home the same day, but some might stay overnight for observation. How quickly you recover can differ from person to person, but generally, you should be able to get back to your usual activities within one or two days.
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When to See a Doctor?

Do not let embarrassment stop you from seeking help. Proctology conditions are a very common problem we are used to dealing with. Call House Of Doctors if you think you are suffering from any of the symptoms below:

Bleeding - HOD
Skin Maceration at HOD
Skin Maceration
Perianal Swelling at HOD
Perianal Swelling
Pus or Blood Discharge - HOD
Pus or Blood Discharge
Pain during bowel movements/urination
Pain during bowel movements/urination

Benefits of Laser Surgery over Conventional surgery

Advance Laser Surgery

  • Fastest recovery with No Cut, Stitches & Scars
  • Painless Procedure
  • No Blood Loss
  • Least Recurrence Rate
  • Zero Odds of Infection
  • Quick procedure with 1 Day Hospital Stay
  • Free first visit after surgery

Conventional Surgery

  • Open Surgery with multiple Cuts & Wounds
  • Painful Procedure
  • Heavy Blood Loss
  • High Chances of Recurrence
  • High Possibility of Infection
  • Min. 3 Days of Hospital Stay
  • Repeated Doctor visit required
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