Hernia in females: From Causes to Treatment

August | 2021

A hernia is defined as a weak spot in your muscle through which an organ, intestine and even fat can protrude. Hernias in females usually develop when the internal organs bulge out through the protective layer of tissues and muscles.

According to hernia experts at House of Doctors(HOD), hernias can happen in both men and women but the symptoms vary in both. In females, groin hernia are less common. However, our surgeons suggest that women can experience pain and discomfort which requires surgery.

Laparoscopic surgeons at HOD explain that hernia in females can occur in the following regions -

  • Groin (inguinal hernia)
  • Abdomen (hiatal hernia)
  • Top of your inner thigh ( femoral hernia)
  • Between your navel and sternum (epigastric hernia)

HOD’s medical professional describe that hernias can even occur at the site of surgical incisions, near to the belly button Usually, abdomen hernia in women appears as a bulge which can be pushed back inside. Women typically experience internal hernias which come along with unexpected pain.

What causes hernia in females?

Hernia surgeons at HOD have enormous experience in treating female hernia. Over the years, they have perfected the technique of correct diagnosis which helps them in knowing every cause of your hernia. The following factors might develop a hernia in females -

  • It might be congenital (during development in the womb)
  • Age factors
  • Surgical trauma or injury
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder(COPD)
  • Chronic cough
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Pregnancy or multiple pregnancy
  • Strenuous exercise
  • Being overweight
  • Ascites or abdominal swelling
  • Family history
  • Cystic Fibrosis

When to worry about hernia pain?

Award-winning laparoscopic surgeons at the House of Doctors explain that hernia pain shouldn’t be overlooked. If you’ve been experiencing pain and discomfort, our doctors advise you to contact them without delay. Hernia can become troublesome when the pain starts. You should immediately consult a surgeon at HOD if -

  • Pain increases
  • You experience aching or burning sensation within the lump
  • You experience weakness or pressure in the abdomen
  • You experience discomfort while coughing, sneezing or lifting weights
  • You experience difficulty in swallowing
  • You experience chest pain

How to prevent Hernia?

According to our laparoscopic surgeons, women can prevent hernia by bringing about changes and following certain tips. Following the given tips will help you prevent hernia -

  • Eat a nutritious diet
  • Exercise and maintain body weight
  • Consume fruits, vegetables and whole grains
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects
  • Don’t smoke
  • Get treated for chronic cough or sneezing

Hernia Treatment at HOD

House of Doctors offers comprehensive hernia treatment from presurgical to post-surgical care. We’re empanelled with Mumbai’s and Indore’s leading laparoscopic surgeons which treat your hernia using most advanced methods. Whenever you present your case to one of our surgeons, he can follow different treatment courses depending on the type of hernia.

Our doctor can use conservative treatment methods including medications and physical therapy. This helps to improve pain management and control the symptoms. Our physician may also use myo-fascial release techniques that help dampen and eliminate muscle spasms that cause hernia pain.

If our doctor analyses that conservative treatment fails to improve your health, then laparoscopic surgery is generally used for the treatment of your hernia. This method is used to repair the weakened spot of the abdominal wall.

Majority females completely heal from laparoscopic surgery quickly—in just two weeks—and are able to resume their normal routine with no lingering pain.

Laparoscopic surgery at HOD is a minimally invasive technique which involves the use of a laparoscope. Our laparoscopic surgeon repairs the weakened area by making several small incisions of 0.5 cm. A non-absorbable mesh is then used to cover the weakened area.

Laparoscopic Repair for Umbilical Hernia, Epigastric Hernia and Ventral Hernia

Our surgeon suggests this method for umbilical, epigastric and ventral hernias. This is one of the most successful and advanced methods for hernia treatment. In this, the hernia contents are reduced and a mesh is placed using small incisions.

Robotic hernia repair is just like laparoscopic surgery. Our doctor uses a laparoscope, and proceeds by making small incisions. In robotic surgery, our surgeon is in the operating room and controls all the surgical instruments from the integrated console. This method is used for some smaller hernias and can be used for reconstructing the abdominal wall.

Peerless Hernia Treatment only at House of Doctors

House of Doctors understands your hernia issues. Our surgeons have been awarded for their excellence in hernia management and treatment. They are experts of minimally invasive techniques that cause no pain and blood loss. With over 35 years of experience and use of modern techniques, our doctors ensure that you are treated with maximum safety and expertise. Operating complicated hernia cases successfully is a trademark of our medical professionals.

At HOD, we promise a cashless facility for maximum TPA and minimal documentation. Once you contact us for your hernia treatment, our staff takes care of all your needs. Our healthcare services come with the assurance that you’re treated at the most advanced super-speciality hospitals by India’s leading surgeons without any worries.


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