How long does circumcision healing take in adults?

June | 2021

Circumcision surgery in adults is a much more complex process than in infants. While it might be an easy thought to get circumcision treatment from a local untrained person, it can have long lasting consequences. Also, the healing time depends on the quality of the circumcision procedure and the skills of the surgeon. Getting treated by medically trained professionals like the ones at House of Doctors can reduce the healing time to only a week. Therefore, it is better to connect with us before undergoing circumcision.

What exactly is Circumcision?

Surgically removing the foreskin- the loose fold of skin which covers the entire length of the penile shaft until the head is called circumcision. While the foreskin has certain protective functions, sometimes it can develop infections. It can also become rigid and show inability to be pulled backwards i.e. phimosis. This requires the attention of a surgeon to get the foreskin removed.

In such cases , a simple surgery is performed by the leading surgeons at the House of Doctors. The procedure is completely pain free and completes within 30-40 minutes. Circumcision surgery in Mumbai has been made easy by House Doctors.

Do you require circumcision?

Surgeons at House of Doctors believe that early recognition of the symptoms and wisely choosing the treatment method can lead to a successful surgery. Also, getting treated by a reliable healthcare partner like us can speed up the recovery and reduce the healing time. If you have recently experienced any of the following symptoms, then it’s the right time for you to contact us-

  • Redness and pain in foreskin
  • Injury or bleeding
  • Scarring
  • Discolouration of the foreskin
  • Swelling and pungent smelling discharge
  • Balanitis and lichen sclerosis
  • Smegma deposition and infection
  • Phimosis
  • Frequent occurrence of urinary tract infection (UTI)

Still looking for the right treatment? Get circumcised now!

Choosing a basic nursing home for circumcision and getting circumcised by unskilled persons can lead to permanent damage of your foreskin and penile shaft. Most people remain unsatisfied and complain about a prolonged recovery (more than 2 weeks) when they get treated at unsophisticated health centres. Also it leads to-

  • Difficult urination
  • Prolonged healing (> 2 weeks)
  • Haemorrhage and heavy blood loss
  • Meatal stenosis and septicemia
  • Foreskin might get attached again

How do you get diagnosed for circumcision?

After you have contacted the House of Doctors, our highly trained surgeon physically examines you. Our surgeon then cleans your penile shaft and looks for any abnormalities like bleeding, pain, difficult retraction of skin etc. Once the physical examination has been successfully conducted, our surgeon then informs you about the underlying problem. He may ask you questions regarding your pre-existing ailments and your medical history. Once you are completely satisfied, our surgeon chooses the most advanced circumcision method (laser circumcision) for treatment.

Why get circumcised?

Circumcision comes with a lot of health and hygiene advantages. Seasoned medical experts at HOD explain that circumcision comes with the following benefits-

  • Keeps the penis clean
  • Lower risks of STDs like HIV, AIDS etc.
  • Lower risk of UTI (urinary tract infection)
  • No risk of cervical cancer for female partner
  • No risk of phimosis
  • No penile cancer
  • Lesser chances of infections

Why should you opt for laser treatment over other methods?

House of Doctors the most advanced laser circumcision methods for ensure and safe and successful surgery. We boast a panel of India’s leading circumcision surgeons with a record of over ten thousand happy patients. At HOD, we provide you with the best treatment methods, leading multi-speciality hospitals and determined staff for an easier circumcision surgery. Experienced panellists at House of Doctors explain why choosing laser circumcision is the best option-

  • No pain, no blood loss
  • Minimal scarring and no wounding
  • Recovery within a week
  • 30 min procedure
  • No follow-up required
  • No chances of infections
  • No risk of UTI
  • Permanent solution to phimosis
  • Resumption of normal routine within one or two days

Choose a reliable circumcision surgery, choose House of Doctors

House of Doctors has been an expert in laser circumcision surgery. Providing painless circumcision treatment has been made possible by our top-end hospitals, award winning surgeons, advanced technology and disciplined staff. We have a panel of acclaimed surgeons with years of expertise in performing circumcision surgery. Our procedures are performed under magnification which provides the best results in the country. We follow a very strict regime and protocol which promises superior results. Our post-operative support is world-class and our team is dedicated towards supporting the patient using various resources.

House of Doctors has become a leading name in the healthcare industry. With our futuristic equipment, state-of-the-art medical facilities, safe and hygienic operative environments we offer the best circumcision surgery in Mumbai. Contact us now!


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