Kidney Stones Treatment in Mumbai

Kidney Stones Treatment in Mumbai

Endoscopic kidney stones removal surgery at affordable cost.

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What are kidney stones

A hard stone made up of salts as well as minerals, present in the kidney of the person is called a kidney stone (renal lithiasis). This smaller in size stone attacks the urinary tract, kidney and bladder causing an extreme level of pain. In a few cases, as suggested, drinking lots of water may pass out the stone through urination. But if not, then there may be an immediate need for the operation by kidney stone specialist in House of Doctors, Mumbai.

Hence, putting an end to your search for the best treatment for kidney stones, we at House of Doctors provide you with virtual consultation and guidance towards the further procedure, so there is convenience and success in the kidney stone treatment.

Types of kidney stones

Kidney stone treatments are classified on the basis of their types. Kidney stone specialists in House of Doctors, Mumbai have mentioned below the categories of kidney stones.

  • Calcium stones are usually made of calcium and oxalate or phosphate are the most common type.
  • Uric acid stones develop due to hyper acid in the urine that can also form stones by itself or via calcium.
  • Struvite stones are a mix of magnesium, ammonium and phosphate caused due to certain types of urinary tract infection.
  • Cystine stones are made from the body’s natural chemicals and only happen with people having a genetic disorder.

Varying from the size of a grain to a size larger than the pearl, a kidney stone may either stay back or move throughout your ureters. There are chances of the kidney stone passing via urination which can be highly risky in case the stone gets stuck in the urinary tract. Therefore, to avoid all the hassle endoscopic removal of kidney stones is preferred by kidney stone specialists in HOD, Mumbai.

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Endoscopic surgery for kidney stones

Want to get rid of all the odds related to kidney stones? Endoscopic kidney stone surgery is your solution! Kidney stone specialist doctor in HOD, Mumbai bestows you the best kidney stone treatment that is minimally invasive and doesn’t require any incision. Mentioned below are the further steps of kidney stone surgery;

  • Depending on your medical history and diagnosis you’ll be given anaesthesia.
  • A small lighted instrument called a ureteroscope will be placed into your urethra and bladder to access the ureter and kidney.
  • As the stone is visible, the transmission of holmium energy will be made through the laser fibre to break them.
  • While some pieces of stone will be removed through the urethra, others may be left to pass through urination later.
  • Lastly, our kidney stone specialist may also use a holmium laser with high-frequency emissions to turn the stones into a fine powder, so they pass via urine after surgery.

This endoscopic surgery for kidney stones will be performed with utmost care under COVID-19 safety norms, beginning from a document-free journey to the best post-operative guidance.

Causes Of Kidney Stones

Causes of kidney stones

A kidney stone may lead life into danger if not diagnosed or treated on time. However, the first step toward curing the disease is knowing the kidney stones cause. Given below are the causes and risk factors linked with kidney stones;

Insufficient water intake
Past intestinal surgery
Diseases of the kidney
Overdose of drugs or medicines
Inherent from the family
Consuming too much protein, sodium or sugar
Swollen bowel or joints

Symptoms of kidney stones

Kidney stones that are usually smaller in size may not show symptoms and easily pass through urination, however, if the stones are larger in size, these may be the following symptoms;

Painful urination
Painful urination
Bleeding while urinating
Bleeding while urinating
Back or lower abdomen stuck with sharp pain
Back or lower abdomen stuck with sharp pain
Nausea and vomiting
Nausea and vomiting
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A kidney stone specialist doctor in Mumbai suggests complete rest after the surgery for at least three days. Participation in any kind of strenuous activity must be strictly prohibited until then. Given below are specific guidelines that you must follow as post-operative care;

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Take prescribed medicines
  • Avoid food high in salt or calcium
  • Maintain a low-fat kidney stones diet
  • Eat less animal protein
  • Don’t consume alcohol
  • No Vitamin C supplements

It is vital to follow these rules to avoid getting kidney stones back. Therefore, you must follow all the precautions with sincerity as suggested by our healthcare professional

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Kidney Stones FAQs

How much should I rest post-treatment for kidney stones?

You must essentially rest for at least three days and drink lots and lots of water daily after the surgery.

It may help pass the remaining pieces of stone if any.

How much time does laser surgery for kidney stones require?

Based on the size and number of kidney stones, the duration of surgery may actually be an hour at least. The lesser the stone, the quicker the surgery.

Is kidney stone surgery dangerous?

While the conventional methods of kidney stone removal can cause severe bleeding or infection, kidney stone laser treatment may be highly convenient comparatively as there is no blood loss and major pain involved.

What is the procedure of kidney stone removal by laser?

Gradually moving into the ureter (the tubes that carry urine through and out of your body), the laser inserted by the doctor may be used to break up the kidney stones. This kidney stone treatment is the most safest and best treatment for kidney stones.

Does kidney stones require immediate attention?

Yes. If you do not treat kidney stones immediately after awareness, it may permanently damage your kidney and double the chances of UTI Infections and unbearable pain.

Cost of kidney stone treatment

The endoscopic kidney stone surgery cost in Mumbai depends on the following factors:

  • Stage and the number of stones.
  • Technique and equipment used.
  • Requirement of additional sittings (if any).

Nevertheless, to get an accurate estimation, you must consult experts from the House of Doctors, Mumbai.

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