Can Piles Be Treated Without Surgery?

May | 2021

In recent years the conventional treatment methods have been substituted by laser proctologic treatments which not only offer an enhanced operative environment but are much more non-invasive than traditional surgical methods. By opting for the best piles treatment in Mumbai, you can get rid of it without any surgery.

A range of proctologic treatments are available however laser surgery is the most advanced, USFDA approved and non-invasive technique to get rid of piles.

Laser Treatment for Piles- How it’s done?

Hemorrhoid laser procedure (LHP) is a novel technique for outpatient treatment of piles in which haemorrhoidal arterial flow feeding the haemorrhoidal mass is stopped by laser emissions. LHP offers you with an enhanced patient outcome especially with lesser pain and recovery time compared to conventional surgical procedures for 2nd, 3rd and 4th degree piles.

Hemorrhoid is accessed through a small perianal port. By this method, no incisions or wounds are produced in the area of the anoderm or mucosa. Consequently, the patient experiences less post-operative pain and can return to normal activities the same day. It is a one day procedure.

Under local or general anesthesia, the controlled laser energy emissions obliterate the piles from inside and protect the sphincter and the mucosal structures to an extremely high degree (Tissue reduction in the piles).

The controlled laser energy emissions, which are applied submucosally, shrink the haemorrhoidal mass. Additionally, new tissues are generated through fibrotic reconstruction, which ensures the adherence of the mucosa to the underlying tissue. This also prevents the recurrence of a prolapse. With LHP, there is no risk of stenosis. Healing is excellent because, unlike conventional surgeries, there are no incisions/cuts or stitches.

Why choose laser surgery over conventional surgery?

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The laser operated surgeries are the latest proctological methods for piles, fissures and fistulas. Many advantages over traditional surgery are offered by laser method as it is a daycare procedure. The advantages include -

  • Less operation time( Same Day Procedure)
  • Most Advanced Method
  • Discharge within a few hours
  • Go back to normal schedule in a day or two
  • Unmatched surgical precision
  • Speedy recovery
  • Lesser post-operative pain
  • Less recurrence of prolapse
  • No damage to anal sphincter

What We Offer With Laser Proctology Surgeries?

Pre-Surgery :

Once you have opted for our medical panel, we ensure that the surgery is carried out by a team consisting of skilled anaesthetists, the surgeon and supporting medical staff. Local anaesthesia is given for carrying out the surgery. Depending on the grade of piles, the operation lasts from a few minutes to one hour.

DuriPost-Surgery : 

Our team of doctors conduct laser proctology surgeries as both out-patient and in-patient procedures, but some patients may be monitored overnight. The recovery time varies from person to person, but you can expect to resume a normal routine in one or two days.

House of Doctors offers an innovative, team-based approach to support and simplify laser surgical procedures for individuals. We strive to offer a homely atmosphere and the best piles treatments for our patients for quicker and better recovery. We offer peerless operative measures and personal attention to our patients who come to us for medical care and treatment. Our team collects the reports on your condition and all the necessary information to organise and plan a smooth surgery right from diagnosis to discharge.

Why Choose the House of Doctors for Laser Piles Surgery?

We, at House of Doctors, have a panel of extremely efficient doctors offering more than a decade of experience. Our panel improves your quality of life through futuristic technologies including laser piles treatment and their skilled hands. The panel consists of dedicated surgeons, anaesthetists and caretakers to make the surgical process hassle-free. If you’re suffering from piles, book an appointment with us and get treated in an excellent way.


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