How To Get Rid Of Piles Permanently?

May | 2021

'Piles' is a term that usually refers to the haemorrhoids pertaining to the anal canal. These haemorrhoids are an accumulation of inflamed tissues containing blood vessels, elastic & supportive fibres and muscles. The size and degree of piles vary from individual to individual. Piles can be-

  • Inside or outside the anal canal
  • Small or large in size
  • Grade I, II, III and IV

When do I need treatment for piles?


In most cases, piles are resolved on their own within one or two weeks depending on its severity. However, if you’re experiencing pain, irritation, bleeding or discomfort while sitting or defecating, you might require getting it treated by a medical practitioner.

Treatments for Piles

There are many possible proctology treatments for piles. The advanced surgical methods have made it completely painless for the patients to get rid of piles. We at House of Doctors provide you with a fleet of highly experienced surgeons, who have mastered the art of treating piles effortlessly so that you receive the best piles treatment in Mumbai. The following methods are used in the treatment of piles -


This treatment is used for piles of less than grade IV status. The surgeon places an elastic band around the haemorrhoids thereby cutting off its blood supply. Consequently, the haemorrhoids dry up and fall off after a few days due to lack of blood.


This line of treatment is generally used for grade II and II haemorrhoids. In this method, a medication is injected in the haemorrhagic pulp causing it to shrink in size and eventually disappear.

3.Laser Surgery (Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty)

This is one of the most effective permanent treatments for piles. This is generally used for treating grade II and III types. Laser surgery for piles doesn’t require any incisions (cuts) or suturing (stitching). In this method, controlled emissions of laser energy are applied to the haemorrhoidal mass with the help of a diode laser. When this energy reaches the submucosal zone, the haemorrhoids shrink. This method comes with many added advantages compared to other invasive procedures-

  • No recurrence of prolapsed
  • Low pain index
  • Patients can resume work immediately
  • One day procedure
  • Fast recovery
  • Low-risk factors- minimum bleeding
  • Reasonable costs
  • Takes around 30 minutes to complete

Piles Laser Treatment is the most advanced technique in the field of proctologic surgeries. This method has been approved by USFDA and comes with an accuracy rate of 98%. Additionally, it is extremely safe and requires less operative time as compared to the other options. Due to its fast recovery time the procedure doesn’t require getting the patient admitted and can work effortlessly hours after the surgery. Finding the right surgeon for this purpose becomes essential for receiving a sophisticated operative environment.

By connecting with House of Doctors you are introduced to a panel of highly skilled doctors which offer you unmatched piles laser treatment in Mumbai.

4. Stapler Haemorrhoidopexy

This technique is usually applied for dealing with grade III and IV and internal haemorrhoids. This procedure is less painful and involves a shorter recovery time than Haemorrhoidectomy. However, it has certain risks involved including rectal prolapse, urinary retention and bleeding.


The most common and conventional method used for the treatment of severe piles. The surgical procedure includes local anaesthesia combined with sedation, general or spinal anaesthesia. However, there are certain complications involved like high pain index and temporary micturition difficulty leading to urinary tract infection. Also, the recovery time is longer compared to other procedures.

If you have piles, don’t shy away, with the surgery you will feel better. For connecting to a panel of experienced doctors, visit our website. We at House of Doctors provide you with a panel of highly experienced and skilled Piles surgeons owning years of experience in this field. By connecting with us you receive endless services and assistance from our highly dedicated staff to make the process hassle-free. You can find the best laser surgical options right from diagnosis to surgery and recovery under one roof by visiting our page and finding the right selection for you. Book an appointment today or request a call back!

Why Choose the House of Doctors for Laser Piles Surgery?

We, at House of Doctors, have a panel of extremely efficient doctors offering more than a decade of experience. Our panel improves your quality of life through futuristic technologies including laser piles treatment and their skilled hands. The panel consists of dedicated surgeons, anaesthetists and caretakers to make the surgical process hassle-free. If you’re suffering from piles, book an appointment with us and get treated in an excellent way.


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