How to cure fissures permanently?

August | 2021

An anal fissure is a minute tear in the thin walled tissue (moist mucosa) lining the anus. According to skilled proctologists at House of Doctors, fissure may develop if you have been passing hard and large stools which irritate the anal opening. Initially, anal fissures don’t develop symptoms but as they progress, they can cause pain and extreme bleeding during bowel movements. Our experts also suggest that you can experience spasms in the anal sphincter (muscle present at the end of your anus).

Our empanelled ano-rectal surgeons explain that fissures are very common in infants but can develop in people of any age. Most anal fissures might require a treatment. Our surgeons treat some cases using medications while others require surgery.

Include these items in your diet to prevent anal fissures?

As per our rectal surgeons, knowing the right food for fissure treatment and consuming a balanced diet is important. House of Doctors recommends consuming the following foods to prevent anal fissures -

  • Food rich in fibre
  • Plenty of fruits and green vegetables
  • Whole grains and Nuts
  • Citrus fruits (contain antioxidants)
  • Peas and beans
  • Lentils (daal), peanuts, chickpeas
  • Wheat bran
  • Curd and probiotics
  • Flax seeds
  • Apple, papaya, watermelon
  • Root vegetables, broccoli

HOD’s doctors suggest you not to consume certain food items as they can lead to the formation of hard stools -

  • Junk food or spicy food
  • Canned and processed food items
  • Fried food
  • Meat
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol

Correct sleeping position for fissure

According to our medical professionals, your favourite sleeping position might increase the anal fissure pain and can make it troublesome for you to get a good night’s sleep. Our surgical gastroenterologists suggest wearing clean cotton undergarments and loose-fitting pyjamas when going to sleep. HOD also advises you to sleep on your stomach to reduce anal fissure pain and place a pillow under your hips.

Taking a fully body warm bath before bed is recommended for reducing the pain levels and helping you fall asleep better. Our doctors ask you to avoid sleeping on your back as it can pressurize the anal area and increase pain. Also, sitting for prolonged hours and following a sedentary lifestyle should also be avoided.

Anal fissure treatment simplified at House of Doctors. Contact us now!

Treatment for Anal Fissures at House of Doctors

Choosing House of Doctors (HOD) comes with many added advantages over other healthcare providers. You’re not treated by the leading ano-rectal, surgical gastroenterologists at Mumbai's top most super-speciality hospitals, but also receive unmatched comprehensive care.

Surgeons at HOD always choose the best and the most advanced technique for treating your anal fissures. Laser methods are opted by our team to ensure fastest recovery.

Following laser techniques can be used to treat anal fissures -

1. CO2 Laser Technique

  • Involves the use of CO2 laser
  • Local anaesthesia is used
  • Infrared emissions are used to enhance the blood supply to the fissure area
  • This technique offers greater control and better surgical concentration
  • Lesser chances of recurrence

2. Internal Laser Sphincterotomy

3. High animal protein:

  • Performed on internal anal sphincter muscle
  • Sphincter is split into two parts using laser
  • This technique reduces resting pressure and spasm
  • Comes with a success rate of 95%
  • Highly effective
  • Minimally invasive
  • Low complications rate

Benefits of laser treatment for fissure with House of Doctors

House of Doctors offers the most advanced laser surgery for anal fissures. This provides you with many benefits -

  • Simple procedure
  • Fastest recovery
  • No faecal leakage or incontinence
  • No bleeding involved
  • No incision
  • No open wounds
  • Return to normal life in 24 hours
  • Excellent post-surgical care

Peerless laser surgery for treating your anal fissure at HOD

At House of Doctors, our surgeons will take into account all your symptoms in order to provide the precise diagnosis and right treatment of the disorder. Also, at the House of Doctors, you will be treated using the most advanced technology and elite infrastructure. Our doctors own the highest expertise and qualifications for a speedy recovery. If anal fissure has been troubling you, it’s time to contact House of Doctors today.

Every surgical technique at HOD is carefully chosen by our experts. For this reason, we use laser based minimally invasive surgical approach for anal fissures – which lead to faster recovery time. As a result, you are able to return to normal life faster. At HOD, we make no compromises during anal fissure surgery i.e. success of the procedure is excellent. Our laser treatment methods serve an easy, safe and highly successful solution for the treatment of anal fissures. Our approach offers short, effortless procedures with virtually no patient downtime. It minimizes recurrences, removes pathological symptoms, reduces postoperative pain and complications. Our laser treatment prevents damage to the anal sphincter and stenosis.

Anal fissure treatmetnt simplified at House of Doctors. Book an appointment today!


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