Hernia Belts: Understanding their benefits and uses

August | 2021

Hernia is an extension (bulging) of fat or internal organs through the connective tissue or the surrounding muscles (fascia). Hernias can occur in any part of the body and is common in both the sexes.

Medical professionals at House of Doctors(HOD) explain that groin hernias are a common occurrence in both men and women however, umbilical, femoral, hiatal and inguinal hernias can also develop. Hernias can even develop at surgical sites due to poor healing.

What is a Hernia Belt?

Hernia belts (truss) are highly effective in treating hernias. A hernia belt is a supportive undergarment which prevents the tissues from bulging and keeps them in place. This helps relieve pain and discomfort.

Our surgeons might recommend you one if you have recently developed inguinal hernia. It will help suppress the pain and symptoms on a temporary basis. However, HOD still suggests consulting one of our hernia experts for a better overview. Laparoscopic Hernia surgery still is the permanent solution for hernia.

Displacing the organ back to its normal location using hernia belts is called reduction. It is a painless method for treating mild hernias. For groin hernias, hernia truss (special kind of belt) is advised by HOD.

Benefits of Hernia Belts

Health professionals at HOD explain that hernias can be painful and are not easy to deal with. With the right guidance from our doctors you can get treated for hernias effortlessly.

Our surgeons explain that hernia belts help you by strengthening the weak abdominal muscles and preventing the tissues from protruding out. Most belts are manufactured using elastic fibres (fabrics). Some of them also come with plastic or metal support plates. Although there's a difference in design, hernia belts for women are equally effective as hernia belts for men.

House of Doctors explains the benefits of using hernia belts -

  • Pain relief: Hernia belts support the abdomen and provide pacifying comfort from pain and discomfort due to bulging organs. Our doctors prescribe you the best inguinal hernia belt for both men and women.
  • Speedy recovery:  Hernia belt is also recommended by HOD’s doctors post hernia surgery in most of cases. Health experts at HOD suggest these as preventative measures and also as alternatives for eliminating discomfort during the recovery process and helps to speed up the recovery time.
  • Flexible to wear: Hernias belts can be worn as an undergarment and comes with Velcro provisions for easy removal and wear. Also, they can fit any body type and can be worn anywhere.
  • Versatile use: Inguinal hernia belts are advised by our surgeons for daily use, because of their versatile nature. These belts can be worn under any type of fabric and offer great support and comfort.
  • Unique design for comfort: Hernia belts come with various comfortable and innovative designs for complete care. It comes with silicone cushion pads which provide support to the abdomen. This not only offers a unique way to treat inguinal hernia with enhanced comfort. Our surgeons recommend you the most advanced belt in terms of functionality and comfort.

Which belt will suit you the best?

Our doctors advise looking for certain parameters before purchasing a hernia belt. You should understand the nature of hernia which you have and accordingly buy a belt which suits you the most. Before choosing any belt, know the -

  • Location of Hernia - Always understand the location of hernia before buying a hernia belt. As buying an inappropriate belt will cause dislocation of hernia.
  • Type of Hernia - Our experts explain that each blet is designed for a specific type of hernia. You should ask our experts which type of hernia you have before purchasing the belt.
  • Type of Activities: If you indulge in sports or other intensive activities then you should opt for belts which provide more support and greater stability.
  • Whether you’re an ostomate: People with colostomy, ileostomy etc. require belts with more support.

How many hours should you wear a hernia belt?

Hernia surgeons at HOD suggest that hernia belts can be worn all through the day and also while doing any activity. This will help prevent the bulge from dislocating.

After analysis your hernia, our surgeon may suggest you to wear a hernia belt while sleeping as well. However, in most of the cases a belt is not required while sleeping as the abdominal pressure is low.

Get exclusive hernia treatment only at House of Doctors

Hernia treatment methods have been simplified by celebrated doctors at HOD. No more complex procedures, no more long surgery hours and no more pain with HOD’s minimally invasive laparoscopic hernia surgery. Our modern infrastructure and state-of-the-art surgical equipment make the hernia surgery simple and successful for you. Our leading surgeons handle each case personally and with great expertise to provide you the best in terms of healthcare.


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