How has varicose veins treatment changed over the years?

September | 2022

Varicose veins are a common problem in regions varying between 30% and 70% of the Indian population. The reasons for seeking medical care for chronic venous disease range from purely cosmetic to medical.


Treatment options are limited to compression therapy and surgery. Surgical treatment seems like an attractive and definitive option, but it carries a significant risk of varicose vein recurrence.

Over the past two decades, the introduction of minimally invasive intravenous heat ablation techniques has advanced the treatment of varicose veins. H.Laser has created a revolution that has led to excellent long-term success rates. Application of laser energy requires local anesthesia and can result in additional heat-related complications such as skin burns, nerve damage, and discoloration.

One of these most advanced and best varicose veins treatment techniques introduced in India in recent years is an adhesive therapy known as VenaSeal technology. In this procedure, a small amount of intravenous venous glue is inserted into a vein through a small catheter. When the affected vein becomes blocked, blood is quickly diverted to other healthy veins in the leg.

Advantages of Venaseal:

  • No heat, no local anesthesia, less needle sticks
  • Non-disruptive and allows immediate return to normal activity.
  • Less pain and bruising after treatment
  • Minimal need for compression stockings

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