How to have a fast recovery after cataract surgery?

August | 2021

Cataract surgery is an outpatient process which means that it does not involve overnight admission in the stay at the hospital. Generally, one eye is treated at a time for cataract.

Top-end eye surgeons at House of Doctors Cataract can treat your cataract using any of the procedures depending on your need. However, HOD always recommends opting for laser cataract surgery to get the best possible results. Laser techniques involve making an incision in the eye, breaking the cataract and removing it out of the eyes. Our surgeon then carefully places the lens inside the eye.

Post surgery, to get the best visual results, our doctors recommend following a strict protocol for a speedy recovery.

Who is at risk of developing a cataract?

As per our eye experts, your vulnerability to develop cataract increases in certain cases. Also, certain underlying conditions can contribute to it. Following situations might lead to a cataract -

  • People over 60 years of age
  • People under prolonged steroid use
  • Harsh exposure to UV rays
  • Diabetic persons
  • Eye trauma

Cataract surgery recovery time

Our eye experts explain that your vision cloud gets cloudy, distorted or blurry immediately after your cataract surgery. It can take a few hours for your visual system to adapt to the removed cataract and acclimate to newly introduced IOL. This time varies from individual to individual.

Our ophthalmologists believe that during this period certain patients can report wavy appearance of outlines and distorted vision. This is completely normal and is a part of the recovery process.

Post laser surgery you may develop redness in the eyes due to temporary irritation to the blood vessels. However, this redness usually disappears within one week.

For a normal healthy person, recovery time can be between 6-8 weeks. There might be a swelling present at the site where our surgeon gives you local anaesthesia. This too disappears within a few days after the surgery.

At our super speciality eye hospitals, most patients develop clear vision within a few hours after the surgery. But for some people, it can take upto a week or so.

Normally, our medical experts recommend you to have a follow-up a day after the procedure to check for any complications. If you don’t develop any symptoms and your vision improves, our surgeons prescribe you eye drops accordingly.

HOD’s surgeons explain that some people might develop itching or dry eyes after the surgery. But these symptoms usually disappear on their own.

HOD’s tips for a faster recovery after cataract surgery

Eye surgeons at HOD own more than 35 years of experience in correcting eye disorders to the most precise level. According to them, there are certain precautions which you should take for a faster healing. Following these points allows you to have a faster recovery -

  • Avoid straining your eyes with TV or gadgets.
  • Don’t drive immediately after the surgery.
  • Rest as much as possible.
  • Avoid letting water inside your eyes to prevent infections.
  • Prevent your eyes from dirt, wind, water and grime.
  • Don’t rub your eyes.
  • Prevent your eye from any injury.
  • Don’t play sports upto a week after your surgery.
  • Use the eye drops prescribed by our surgeon.

Advanced laser treatments for cataract

House of Doctors uses the latest technology while treating your cataract. Different laser methods are used by our surgeons to offer the best results.

Robotic Surgery (Femto Laser Cataract Surgery):
This is the most advanced laser technique used by our seasoned cataract surgeons. It involves the use of computer programming and integrated laser emissions to remove the cataract. Laser (femtosecond laser) is used to form corneal incisions for accessing the cataract site.

Zepto Cataract Surgery:
Zepto surgery for cataract is a fusion of MICS and robotic laser surgery. Our surgeon uses a handheld device which creates clear cuts and accurate incisions in the eye lens. Zepto surgery offers better results than MICS and is more cost friendly than femtolaser laser surgery.

Advantages of Laser Cataract Surgery

Oracle surgeons at HOD explain different advantages of choosing laser cataract surgery -

  • Completely computerised process with no blade involvement.
  • Procedure completes in less than 30 min.
  • No pain and stitches during surgery.
  • Better recovery and enhanced visual results.

Get bladeless laser cataract surgery at House of Doctors

Looking for a painless and hassle-free laser cataract surgery? House of Doctors is the right place for you! Our panel consists of award-winning eye surgeons who have performed over 10,000 successful surgeries with unmatched visual acuity. Our staff supports and guides you at every step and ensures that you’re treated with complete comfort and sophistication.


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