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What is Anal Fissure?

An anal fissure is a crack in the skin of the anus which doesn’t only cause extreme pain but also make it worst during bowel movements and bleed. With this, the internal muscle tissues can be exposed as fissures can also grow inwards. Nevertheless, there are chances that the tear begins to heal completelywithin four to six weeks and if not then it is declared as a chronic fissure. Surgeons of House of Doctors, Indore will recommend laser surgery for fissure.

Diagnosing the underlying conditions that lead to the severity of disease,Fissures Specialist from House of Doctors, Indore may accordingly suggest suitable treatment.



An anal fissure is a cut in the anus skin that develops due to the passing of hard or large stools. In the same way, skin can be lacerated via chronic diarrhoeaor constipation around your anus. Other related causes may include:

Carrying heavyweights
Rigid bowel movements
Anal intercourse
Anal Cancer
Syphilis or Herpes

Fissure Treatment in Indore

When all the home remedies fail, opting for the guidance of a fissure specialist doctor becomes the only solution. To ensure recovery from your long-time ailment, Doctors for Fissure from HOD, Indore provide the following treatments;

Laser-based surgeries.

With extreme control and concentration, the carbon dioxide laser in the affected area (fissure) is used to boost the blood flow for stimulating healing. This laser surgery for fissure levels up when for viewing the minutest of details when precision magnifying glasses are used. Therefore, because of efficiency, the following becomes the most chosen laser treatment for fissure in Indore.

Lateral Sphincterotomy.

This procedure used for minimizing the pressure, improvingthe blood supply and allowing faster healing, is performed on the internal anal sphincter muscle (chronic anal fissure).The incision made only on the one-fourth portion of the internal sphincter are mainly of two types;

  • Open Sphincterotomy Our surgeon will make a small cut through the skin to reach the underlying sphincter muscle. Later, a cut will be made even in the muscle for opening and allowing it to heal.
  • Closed Sphincterotomy To ingress the underlying sphincter muscle, a blade is passed under the skin in the procedure. Next, the incision is either closed or left open to heal as per the condition.

Anal Advancement Flaps.

In this Fissure Treatment,the internal sphincter defect is removed by the same elevating flap that is used to stitch and close the wound. The healthy tissues fromanother part of the body are used as a replacement for the damaged fissured skin.

Why choose Laser Surgery over Conventional surgery?

Advance Laser Surgery

  • No affect on fertility
  • Fit to resume your normal lifestyle after the next day
  • No wound and scars
  • 15 min procedure
  • Free follow up by doctors

Conventional Surgery

  • Multiple cuts and stitches
  • Painful treatment
  • High possibility of infections
  • Heavy blood loss
  • Long hospital stay required
  • Multiple doctor visits required
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For fissures in children:

  • Switching clean napkins for children.
  • Putting an end to bowel contraction.

For fissures in adults:

  • Maintaining dryness nearby the anus.
  • Toilet paper that is neither rough nor scented.
  • Healing constipation and diarrhoea.
  • Medicating for irritation in the rectal area.

Our surgeons from HOD will guide you with right the instructions for the Best Fissure Treatment Indore.You can always optour general surgeons for a second opinion on the treatment journey.

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Faq’s – Fissure Surgery

Who conducts a fissure surgery?

Surgeons from the House of Doctors who have completed advanced surgical trainingof diseases like anal fissure perform fissure treatment surgeries. Adhering to the fact that surgery is the only way to cure anal fissures, our doctors recommend a suitable treatment to address your grade of the fissure.

So if questions like ‘Will I be able to find the Best doctor for Fissure near me?’ or ‘Which is the best surgical procedure for fissure?’ the amalgamation of qualified doctors and latest technologies at House of Doctors, Indore is your answer!

Signs related to an anal fissure.

Whereas pain and bleeding during a bowel movement are the general symptoms of an anal fissure, there are a few other onesthat may last long. Developing in the form of askin tag near the anus, a fissure can indicate the severity with bright red blood on the stool or toilet paper while you defecate. Also existing in form of cracked skin near the anus, if a fissure continues to show such symptoms, it is advisable to consult the doctor immediately.

What is the recovery period after surgery?

Although the mild pain may vanish within a few days of the fissure treatment surgery, it will at least take six to ten weeks approximately for a holistic recovery. In case of resuming to work, you can speak to theColorectal Surgeons from the House of Doctors and get back as soon as possible within a week time frame.

How to prevent anal fissure?

Post-surgery it is necessary to take measures to not only reduce the risk of recurrence but alsothe well-being of Laser Surgery for Fissure.Mentioned below are a few steps that you must follow for prevention;

  • Consuming fibrous food with adequate water
  • No pressure while defecating
  • Ensuring physical fitness
  • Hygiene maintenance of the anal area
  • Changinga child’s napkin often
  • Treating diarrhoea immediately

What will happen if the fissure remains untreated?

A lot of times people misdiagnose fissures for various other diseases like fistula. Other than that a long period of halt forfissure laser treatment in Indore may either cause deadly infections or advanced cancer.

You are just a call away from consultation about the Best Fissure Treatment In Indore. Taking all the COVID-19 safety measures in a state-of-art infrastructure, we grant you a hassle-free experience anytime and every time!

How much is the recurrence rate of fissure after the surgery?

After laser treatment for fissure in House of Doctors, the chances of recurrence is very low almost 1-2%, which also depends upon the diet habits lifestyle and the underlying diseases after laser surgery.

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