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What Is Fistula?

A fistula usually grows to connect two not associated organs or vessels like the intestine and the skin, or the vagina and the rectum. Most commonly fistula occurs around the anus as the glands present internally get clogged and become infected, leading to an abscess. So every time faeces are expelled out of the body, there is a high rate of abscesses turning into a fistula.

If you’re unsure and unaware of the symptoms, causes, procedure of anal fistula laser treatment, it’s high time to book your appointment at the House of Doctors and get consulted by the top anal fistula doctor in Indore.



Did you know that abscesses in the anal region are a major reason behind the 50% of fistula cases? Given below are the other findings that are the causation of anal fistula.

Hidradenitis suppurative. A skin condition that results in abscesses and scarring.
Crohn’s disease.  Inflamed digestive tract.
Diverticulitis. Small infected sacks coming out of the side of the large intestine.
Sexually transmitted diseases.
Tuberculosis or HIV infection.
Types of Cancer.

Fistula Treatment in Indore

Considering the pain from the anal fistula as a minor change, people continue to take medicines that show no results at all. Therefore undergoing laser surgery for an anal fistula to cure 100% remains the only alternative. The surgery is mostly performed on an outpatient basis but fistula laser treatment for very large or deep fistula tunnels may require a short hospital stay.

As fistulas asymmetrically create tunnels inside the anal canal to the outside skin for connecting a clogged gland, only certain types of treatment for different conditions may eradicate the disease. Some of the surgical options that are available for anal fistulas by Surgeons from the House of Doctors, Indore are:


in this procedure, cuts are made through the skin and sphincter muscles to form the tunnel for initiating healing both inside-out.

Seton placement & surgery

It is a definitive surgical repair that uses a special drain to slow down the inflammation and draining from the fistula. Here, the seton placement ensures a normal bowel function with no pain.

Laser surgery for Fistula

Fistula epithelium is destructed via transmission of the laser through radial fibre. The procedure may be performed within half an hour via HOD’s expert surgeon only. Our expert surgeon will be able to diagnose the problem and treat the same with great care.

Why choose Laser Surgery over Conventional surgery?

Advance Laser Surgery

  • No affect on fertility
  • Fit to resume your normal lifestyle after the next day
  • No wound and scars
  • 15 min procedure
  • Free follow up by doctors

Conventional Surgery

  • Multiple cuts and stitches
  • Painful treatment
  • High possibility of infections
  • Heavy blood loss
  • Long hospital stay required
  • Multiple doctor visits required
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Even though the surgery becomes successful, it is important to plan a routine for complete recovery. As minimal ache or discomfort show for a while after the operation, it is vital to pay attention to post-surgery care. Therefore, HOD’s Fistula Specialists emphasizes the following:

  • Immersing the affected area in a warm bath.
  • Painkillers.
  • Stool loosening purgatives for a week.
  • Diet full of nutrients and fibre.

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Fistula Surgery – FAQ'S

How much does anal fistula treatment cost overall?

Medical history and severity of the condition are the two major factors that decide the Fistula laser treatment cost in Indore, India. Therefore, it is important to go through a diagnostic procedure by Anal Fistula & Piles Specialist for getting the estimation cost of Best Fistula Treatment in Indore along with the details of suitable treatment format.

Risks related to fistula.

If one continues to avoid the stage and condition of fistula for long, it can give rise to serious complications including infection and subsequent sepsis - a dangerous condition resulting in organ damage and possible death. Thus with minimum Fistula laser treatment cost in Indore, we at House of Doctors will put an end to your search for the best fistula treatment near me.

What steps are necessary post-treatment for an anal fistula?

Although most fistulas respond well to surgery, there is a list of post-surgery precautions made by Surgeons from the House of Doctors, Indore.

  • Soaking the affected area in a warm bath, known as a sitz bath
  • Taking stool softeners or laxatives for a week
  • Continuing prescribed pills routine

In a conclusion, for a quick recovery after laser fistula surgery, it is essential to follow all the rules to avoid pain, discomfort or any hindrance post-treatment.

How is the diagnosis of anal fistula carried out?

Reviving the medical history and anorectal symptoms, our physician will perform a rectal examination under anaesthesia. Later, if any heaped up tissue with blood and pus is seen in the external opening, it may be counted as an anal fistula. Whereas, for the invisible fistula, our physician may order an endoscopic ultrasound or MRI to define the fistula tract.

The patient may further need to undergo a couple of blood tests, X-ray & colonoscopy examination if Crohn’s disease (digestive tract disease) is suspected to be the causation.

Anal fistula signs & symptoms.

An anal fistula’s signs and symptoms include:

  • Anorectal Pain, Swelling, Redness And Tenderness
  • Fever
  • Pressure While Defecating, Cough, Sitting
  • Pain During Bowel Movements Or Constipation
  • Painful Urination
  • Foul-Smelling Discharge From The Perianal Skin
  • Sometimes, Rectal Bleeding

Laser surgery for fistula comes with what risks?

Infections: Laser Surgery for Fistula, unlike any traditional surgery may have a risk of infection. Hence it is necessary to remove the fistula completely before it becomes contagious.

Incontinence: The sphincter muscles may damage during the operation which can give rise to bowel incontinence.

Recurrence: in some cases, the fistula can reoccur even after the surgery. You should consult HOD’s professionals if you notice any of these symptoms.

How long does it take for the fistula to heal?

As the first twenty-four hours after fistula laser treatment is crucial, you must take complete rest. Since then, it may take six to eight weeks for an anal fistula to entirely heal. You can gradually resume your daily chores and be fully back to your normal activities (schedule) in five to seven days.

When can you go home?

If you are able to take the charge like eating or urinating without help, you cango home after the anaesthesia diminishes. For a maximum of twenty-four hours,you need support and guidance from your known. in the case of last grade fistula, you may need to stay in the hospital for the night. You may be strictly under observation for 24 hours post-discharge. Doctors from HOD, Indore will suggest some precautions, painkillers and laxatives later.

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