What are the first signs of kidney stones?

August | 2021

Kidney stones come in all sizes and shapes. Some are as small as a full stop while others can grow to unmanageable sizes. Even some kidney stones can cover the entire area of the kidney.

Renal experts at House of Doctors explain that you might develop kidney stones when a lot of minerals accumulate in your urine. This might happen due to dehydration. Our doctors describe that your body forms kidney stones when the mineral levels are higher than a certain level. House of Doctors advises that detecting the early kidney stone symptoms not only reduces the chances of further infection but also aids in getting the best treatment for kidney stones from us.

Know the right signs of your kidney stones

With over 30 years of cumulative experience, our urologists have become names in the country. They explain that kidney stones are a common phenomenon, especially in men and people with diabetes.

According to our renal specialists, small sized kidney stones can be removed without surgery and sometimes even without medications. Smaller stones usually don’t cause any symptoms. However, larger stones can become very painful. Majority symptoms aren’t noticed until the stone moves through the ureter.

Our doctors advise you to be aware of the following early signs of symptoms -

Mild Symptoms

  • Slight pain while urinating
  • Foul smell from urine
  • Mild pain on the sides
  • Frequent urge to pee

Severe Symptoms

  • High fever and shivering/li>
  • Blood in urine
  • Extreme pain in lower back and abdomen
  • Change in colour of urine
  • Vomiting and loss of appetite
  • Spasmodic pain (pain coming and going in waves)
  • Blockage of urination

If you have been a victim of these symptoms recently, you should immediately contact the House of Doctors and get consultations from the top-most urologists.

Foods that cause kidney stones

As per HOD’s medical experts, a bad diet and a bad lifestyle are also major contributors to kidney stone formation. Certain foods which you consume might develop kidney stones. Therefore, our doctors advise you to always keep a check on what you eat and know about the foods that can cause kidney stones.

  • High salt foods
  • Junk foods
  • Sweet potato, almonds, cashews
  • Okra
  • Cocoa
  • Peanuts
  • Wheat bran
  • Beef, mutton, eggs and chicken
  • Processed foods
  • Tea/coffee (as they dehydrate the body)
  • Spinach
  • Raspberries

How can kidney stones be prevented?

According to our world-class renal doctors, you can prevent kidney stone formation by bringing about certain changes in your diet and lifestyle. Also, some kidney stones might require surgical interventions and cannot be cured using these changes. Therefore, it is advisable to contact HOD’s urologist to know the treatment which suits you.

You can consume -

  • Oat bran, wheat, whole wheat breads
  • Cabbage and carrots
  • Fresh lemon juice
  • Water
  • Sprouts and legumes
  • Dried peas
  • Tofu and soy milk
  • Dates

HOD recommends making the following lifestyle changes to prevent kidney stones -

  • Exercise more
  • Manage your sleep
  • Reduce salt and consume more calcium rich foods
  • Cut down excess body fat
  • Increase Vitamin C content
  • Take Vitamin D supplements (within RDA value)
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Keep a check on your diabetes

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Choose the best kidney treatment for you

Owning a panel of highly experienced noted surgeons, House of Doctors has drastically improved health-care facilities especially in Mumbai and Indore. Our urologists have handled more than hundreds of kidney stone cases and have umpteen knowledge in choosing the best treatment for you.

Use of futuristic technology and highly advanced techniques at all of our partner super-speciality hospitals, improves your healthcare experience and allows you to avail quality medical services.

Urologists at HOD might suggest following treatment methods -

1. Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy

  • Non requires cuts
  • Small incision is made
  • Kidney stones are removed from the cut

2. Lithotripsy: 

  • HOD suggests Dornier lithotripter with delta shock waves induction model.
  • Shock waves breaks the stones into small pieces
  • These pieces are then removed through urine
  • Our doctors suggests some medicines for after-care

3. Intra-Renal flexible stone surgery and laser treatment:

  • Laser based technique
  • Laser emissions used to break kidney stones
  • Patient is discharged in just 48 hours

4. Micro PCNL, PERC, Ultra Mini PERC:

  • Minimally invasive
  • Highly advanced technique
  • No blood loss or cuts required

5. Keyhole or Laparoscopic surgery:

  • Tiny puncture is made
  • X-ray or Ultrasound guidance
  • Less trauma and no cuts

HOD : Improving lives through quality healthcare

Choosing a reliable healthcare partner can be tiring and can result in unnecessary stress. However, House of Doctors always promises hassle-free treatment from world-class surgeons.

Our surgical procedures are globally renowned and have gained recognition all around Mumbai. Our panel is embellished with celebrated surgeons, sterilized operating environments and excellent staff. Also, our super-speciality hospitals follow strict COVID-19 norms to ensure your complete safety.

Additionally, HOD takes care of all your pre-operative to postoperative needs including cashless admission, pick-drop, documentations etc. With HOD, all your surgical needs are catered under one roof.


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