Which type of Cataract surgery is the best?

August | 2021

A cataract is cloudiness or a dense spot which forms in the lens of the eye. It can hinder your normal vision and can affect your normal routine. Ophthalmologists at HOD believe that the root cause of cataract is the agglutination of proteins which obstruct normal image formation on the retina.

Your cataract will develop over a period of time. Our medical professionals explain that cataracts can develop in any of your eyes and sometimes in both simultaneously.

Our eye surgeon will treat your cataract through laser procedures as an out-patient process. HOD uses the most advanced laser cataract surgery techniques in India.

What are the different types of Cataract surgery in India?

House of Doctors partners with surgeons and medical professionals from all over India. Our experts believe in providing you with the correct information and accurate advice. Different cataract surgery techniques are available in India, and HOD always offers you the best out of them.

1. Phacoemulsification:

  • Most common technique
  • Takes less than 30min to complete
  • Minimum sedation is used
  • Small incisions are made and ultrasonic probe is used
  • Sound waves are used to break the lens into fragments
  • Broken fragments are removed and IOL(intraocular lens) is planted
  • Requires corneal incision

2. Extracapsular Cataract Surgery:

  • Used for highly complex cataracts which cannot be treated using phacoemulsification
  • Bigger incisions are made
  • Cataract is removed in a single piece and not in fragments
  • Sutures are required to seal the wound
  • Patient is prescribed an eye patch post surgery

3. Intracapsular Cataract Surgery:

  • Requires even bigger incisions
  • Lens is removed
  • Surrounding capsule is also removed
  • IOL is implanted in front of the iris

4. Laser Cataract Surgery:

  • Known as Refractive Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery
  • Most advanced technique
  • Uses femtosecond laser technology
  • Requires corneal incisions
  • Anterior capsulotomy is then done
  • Laser is used to soften and break the lens
  • IOL is then placed appropriately

Do you have these cataract symptoms?

According to our medical experts, cataracts gradually develop symptoms over a period of time and can worsen the vision. One of the chief complaints which our doctors receive is the lack of ability to see objects clearly. Therefore, HOD asserts in keeping a basic knowledge of cataract symptoms before they get worse -

  • Blurred vision
  • Hazy images of objects
  • Degrading night vision
  • Formation of halos around lights
  • Double vision
  • Colours appear dull
  • Unable to tolerate bright light
  • Inability to study or read words clearly

When can cataract affect you?

Certain risk factors are associated with the development of cataract. Certain habits and age groups are more susceptible to cataract formation. Expert surgeons explain the contributing factors which can put you at risk of a cataract.

  • Chronic alcohol drinking
  • Old age (over 40 years)
  • Smoking habits
  • Overweight
  • High blood pressure
  • High blood sugar
  • Hereditary

When should you undergo cataract surgery?

Consulting our doctors to know when you should undergo cataract surgery is always a great option. Our doctor will look for certain signs and make a detailed analysis before proceeding with the Cataract surgery. Surgery is immediately recommended in the following cases -

  • Difficulty in carrying out normal routine ad occupational activities
  • Inability to see clearly at night
  • Inability to read or watch TV clearly
  • Reduced hand-eye coordination
  • Difficulty in seeing bright lights
  • Difficulty while climbing stairs and analysing distances

Laser Cataract Surgeries in India

1. Laser-Assisted Femtosecond Cataract Surgery

  • Completely bladeless procedure
  • Minimum surgery procedure time
  • Opening are made using femto-laser, no mechanical blade used
  • Can treat the most complicated cases of cataract
  • Computer programmed technique
  • Doesn’t damage the cornea/li>
  • Faster recovery
  • No postoperative astigmatism
  • Use of MFIOL, Toric and premium IOLS lenses by HOD

2. Zepto Laser Cataract Surgery

  • Offers great robotic precision
  • Highly predictable results
  • Much reduced surgery time
  • Enhances the vision
  • Best option for pediatric cataract and patients with small pupil

Choosing House of Doctors for your cataract surgery earns you many benefits

House of Doctors has been one of the pioneers in bladeless cataract surgery Mumbai and Indore. We provide futuristic Femtosecond Laser Cataract and robotic Zepto Laser Cataract surgery at all our super-speciality hospitals. Now you can easily opt for painless, bladeless cataract surgery with no blood loss with House of Doctors. Our team of award-winning ophthalmologists and dedicated medical staff promise a completely stress-free surgery. Our partner hospitals take pride in owning US-FDA approved LENSAR technology. This offers you excellent visual results.

Zepto laser surgery is the latest addition to our inventory of state of art medical technology. This not only offers remarkable capsulorrhexis (key-hole in lens’ anterior capsule) but also helps in precise placement of IOLs.


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