Understanding the difference between conventional and laser cataract surgery

August | 2021

Cataract occurs due to the clouding of the lens of the eye and generally develops during old age. Cataracts in infants and young children are less common but can occur. An untreated cataract can lead to blurred vision, glare and sensitivity of the eyes. Cataracts will not cause any pain but can affect the daily activities and hinder your central vision.

According to our ophthalmologists, a healthy lifestyle can prevent the chances of having a cataract and can be managed by using spectacles temporarily. However, as the disease progresses our eye surgeon will suggest laser cataract surgery. Cataract surgery in Mumbai involves the removal of a natural lens after its emulsification within the eye. Post this our surgeon implants an artificial lens (IOL) in place of the natural lens.

When do you require cataract surgery?

You would usually require an operation when your cataract affects your central vision and you’re unable to see things clearly. This may involve inability to read, see and even judge while performing daily activities.

This is the time when you should consult the House of Doctors. Once you contact us, our eye surgeon performs a comprehensive and detailed eye evaluation after which a thorough diagnosis is done. Our surgeons suggest advanced cataract surgery in Indore for the best visual acuity. After your consent, the surgery is performed.

Laser Cataract Surgery Recovery Time

During the first week after your surgery, HOD’s ophthalmologists will recommend you eye shields while sleeping. This helps protect the eye for better healing.

Generally, it takes about 2 months for the eye to completely heal after the laser surgery. Although, you’ll be able to see clearly within a week of the surgery but complete recovery can take up to 8 weeks. HOD’s eye experts mention that you won’t experience severe pain or blurred vision during the recovery. Most of the patients at House of Doctors regain their full normal vision post laser surgery.

How does HOD perform laser cataract surgery in contrast to conventional surgery?

Eye surgeons at HOD first measure the size of your eye using Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT). The exact shape and thickness is noted. After this, the anterior and posterior surfaces of cataract are measured. This helps our surgeon analyse the steps required during femto laser surgery.

During the femtosecond laser, our eye surgeon performs anterior capsulotomy. Your cataract is divided into multiple pieces using laser emissions. All these are corneal incisions. Once the cataract is disintegrated into pieces, these fragments are then removed from your eye. Our surgeon then places premium quality IOL within the eye.

Differences between traditional and laser cataract surgery

House of Doctors has improved healthcare services for thousands of patients. Our top-notch ophthalmologists work tirelessly to provide the most superior laser treatment to you. They advise you laser surgery over conventional surgery as it offers numerous benefits.

In comparison to traditional surgical methods, laser surgery involves no blood loss, no cuts, no stitches and no other invasive methods. Being painless, it is the most recommended method by our doctors especially for people with diabetes, cancer, haemophilia, asthma and cardiac disorders.

Also, laser cataract operation offers better results and comes with no additional costs. Laser option provides fully automated control and enhanced surgical supervision when compared to traditional methods. It also treats astigmatism unlike traditional surgery. All this is done without the use of blades.

The choice and quality of the lenses is customisable in laser surgery. The chances of postoperative infections and complications are near to nil. Also, during laser surgery common surgical errors are also fully eliminated.

Most complicated cases of cataract cannot be treated using conventional methods. However, with laser surgery these can be done easily. The new technology of laser surgery allows customization which allows curbing surgical errors. In comparison to conventional methods, the laser method allows to get the laser source which delivers femtolaser at specific locations in the eye.

Laser surgery allows computerisation which eliminates errors and offers great precision.

Opt for HOD’s most advanced laser surgery

House of Doctors offers you the best laser procedures in Mumbai and Indore. Our completely bladeless cataract surgery provides great precision and unmatched visual results. Surgeons at HOD use image-guided femtolaser to handle several surgical procedures efficiently. Our panel consists of leading eye surgeons with over 35 years of experience and world-class medical infrastructure.

House of Doctors partners with super-speciality eye centres in Mumbai and Indore which follow premier ophthalmology practices. HOD follows a firm commitment to healthcare quality and medical ethics for the best patient care.

We cater to over 10,000 patients and our surgeons perform more than hundreds of cataract surgeries per year. Additionally, HOD also empanels all major TPAs and uses monofocal, multifocal, latest trifocal and toric lenses.


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